Fox Jackson Ports

Fox Group are delighted to have reached an agreement with Associated British Ports for the acquisition of its ports in Fleetwood and Silloth.

Fox Jackson Ports, established for the acquisition, is part of Fox Group, a fourth-generation, family-owned and northwest headquartered construction, logistics and property group.

Fox Group have identified ports and maritime as an attractive opportunity to further develop and strengthen their business strategy. Acquisition of the ports will enable a continued sustainable growth trajectory, and specifically support the movement of more of its aggregates via sea.



Fox Group

We are a national organisation providing essential services to the construction industry.

Over the years Fox Group has expanded greatly, collaborating with many respected names to provide services across the UK. Our full range of services can be found on our website at

At Fox Group we are passionate about modernising the construction service and haulage industry through a focus on sustainability and decarbonisation. We take active responsibility to monitor and improve on our carbon footprint. Pioneering within our industry, our chief executive Paul Fox was labelled ‘change-maker for individuals leading a ‘green revolution’ in a bid to help reach the sustainability goal of Carbon Net Zero by 2050




Fleetwood Above
Silloth Above


Located by Morecambe Bay, the Port of Fleetwood offers trunk access to the M6, M61, and M65 servicing the whole North West.

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The Port of Silloth maintains easy access with the M6, providing links to the North and North-East of England and Southern Scotland.

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