The Port of Fleetwood offers 12.5ha of hard standing, a sheltered haven, and Ro-Ro berth with 180 tonnes of loading capacity


Fleetwood has a long history as a port of trade, dating back to the mid 1800's. Primarily a port for travel steamers and some light fishing boats, the fishing industry then began to dominate through the mid 1900s leading to many improvements being made to the port and the adjoining railways.

These days Fleetwood is an unrivaled west coast port with vital rail and motorway links into northern England.

Our Plans

The proposed vision plan largely relates to the enhancement of existing uses associated with the location, which are generally limited to commercial, employment, leisure and residential uses.

The Fleetwood Dock site represents a strategic allocation within the Wyre Borough Council adopted local Plan (2011-2031), whilst the former port land to the north, is also allocated or redevelopment.

The vision document looks to provide further context and imagery to illustrate the key aims for the proposal as well as the scale and extent of the proposed works.